As an odd, cred-killing side-note, one Jalopnik was actually in both the El Camino High Madrigal choir, as well as the Central Valley Regional Honor Choir with American Idol contestant Mandisa Hundley, who is a very nice woman and only accused us of being a racist once, when we, as a part of a pre-Homecoming stunt, were the ringleader in a game of Musical Pies and ended up dumping a pan full of cream onto a black girl's head, not realizing that due to the texture of African-bred hair that dairy products are hard to get out.

Nevertheless, we were a fairly pissed at Simon Cowell for his comments regarding Mandisa's weight, seeing as she is a very nice woman, and while much of her taste in music frankly sucks (although, to her credit, she was pissed about our choir director's edict that she perform "The Greatest Love of All" at graduation), we love listening to the girl sing gospel. And even though we don't consume meat or wear leather (and haven't for 11 years), we're also annoyed at Simon for his PETA-allied statement about leaving dogs in hot cars. Of course you shouldn't leave dogs in hot cars. Then again, self-righteous bastards of a feather flock together.

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