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We think we like the word "motorcars" so much simply because of Angus Young of AC/DC's "Brown SG" rant, where he proclaimed that modern guitars look like "motorcars" and that he wants to open a shop that only sells brown Gibson SGs — and then goes on to paraphrase Henry Ford by saying, "You can get an SG in any color you like, as long as it's brown." Now that we're done with the tangent, we'll admit that part of the reason we're writing this post at all is the title of the source article: "Phone Vigilante Attacking Motor Cars."

While we prefer the compound "motorcars" over "motor cars" it was still close enough. And some guy around Hampshire is going around slashing the tires and leaving notes on the vehicles of motorists he sees using cell phones while driving. That's the gist, the authorities are on it, and at least one of the victims doesn't even rock a celly. Poot.

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