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"Momma, I'm going fast!"
-Ricky Bobby

Things haven't been looking real good for Interstate Bakeries, the owner of Wonder Brand bread. The company's been going through that dreaded bankruptcy chapter, and you know it ain't chapter ten or twelve. But they've got a savior now, and his name's Ricky Bobby. The Will Ferrell NASCAR movie features the wholesome, but wholely without whole grain, American brand as the major sponsor of the Talladega Nights hero's race car. According to advertising monitoring agency, Joyce Julius & Associates, the film helped Wonder Bread to earn nearly $4.3 million of exposure value during the film's opening weekend. Not bad, especially considering the company paid absolutely nada for the sponsorship of the fictitious racer. Where do we sign up for a deal like that — we're a wholesome and wholely without whole grain blog, can't we get some love from Will? [Hat tip to Zerin!]


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