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Ruf's latest juiced 911 not be in league with its RT12, but you can't expect such balls-out performance from every single Porsche tuner it builds (that'd just be selfish). We're talking about the company's latest 911 tweaker, the R Kompressor, on which the Ruffians added a supercharger, twin water-cooled intercoolers and a new intake manifold to the Porker's 3.8-liter flat six (along with sport cats and a new computer chip). That workup brings the 911 well over the 400-hp range (435), with 347 lb.-ft of torque. Zero-to-60-mph acceleration is a matter of 4.1 seconds, though the fun ends at around 189 mph. A carbon-kevlar aero kit, larger stoppers and 19" alloys keep those Z-rated feet planted on the ground.

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