One of the cooler finds out on the not-so-mean streets of Metro Detroit this weekend has to be this 1963 Plymouth Belvedere with a 6.6 liter 400, done-up for the boys in blue looking for the brothers Blues. The car with the same name as the butler, was re-built by John Hammond, a deputy sherriff in Tennessee, as a tribute to the Blues Brothers and the Mount Prospect Illinois Police Department. John ended up selling his beloved "Elwood" to finance some of his other fine projects, which is one of the reasons why it's now up here in Michigan with a new owner and available for us to yell "Illinois Nazis!" at the top of our lungs. And as Wert says, the best part's the license plate — "STOLEN1."

Cue "Can't Turn You Loose" and Floor It: The Bluesmobile [internal]