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CJ over at SO. DAMN. INDY. had readers send in questions for Rahal-Letterman driver Jeff Simmons, who shed light on the organization's chassis situation, race-day activities, and of course, women. Simmons mentions that he thinks the potential for open-wheel returnee Sarah Fisher at Kentucky tomorrow is high, considering she'd taken a pole there, but of course, the burning question on everyone's mind is Danica Patrick's situation with Rahal-Letterman's organization after the announcement of her departure to Andretti Green for next year's IRL season. Click through for Simmons' comments.

SoDamnIndyFan: How many times, roughly, has Danica Patrick talked directly to you? I'm thinking it has to be less than five...

Jeff Simmons: I've talked to Danica a lot of times, but after some things I heard she was saying on the radio in Michigan, I'll be less likely to engage in casual conversation with her. She's definitely burning all her bridges with the team. (Ed. Note: WOW!)

Note, that when Simmons references "the radio in Michigan," he's talking about the car-to-pit radio, rather than AM/FM broadcast airwaves.

You Asked, Jeff Anwered [SO. DAMN. INDY.]

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