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We guess Chevy just enjoys preaching to the converted — it's our only explanation why we've now seen a car carrier driving up and down Woodward Avenue pre-Dream Cruise with a Chevy Camaro concept and a classy classic Camaro, closely followed by the above billboard truck twice in the past two days. The billboard shows the new Camaro along with the tagline:

"When you're really good in a past life, you come back as yourself."

Setting aside the obvious that this is proof positive of Chevy casting away to the wind the jesus-lovin' "American Revolution" tagline in favor of a tagline more inclusive of the Camaro's legions of hippie and liberal-leaning followers for a Buddhist dogmatic principles tagline of "A Circle of Life Revolution" — isn't this display truck kind of like signing (sic) to the choir? We mean, Woodward Avenue's lined each night before the Dream Cruise with thousands of auto enthusiasts — people who generally keep up with auto news. Do we not think they've allready heard the Camaro's back — or was this for the two people who haven't yet heard? Seems awfully pricey to us.


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