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We're now one week away from the official day Metro Detroit's set aside for classic cruisin' — the 11th annual Woodward Dream Cruise. But like all good "sports," there's totally a need for practice. We headed out into the setting sunlight to witness some of the best and brightest classic cars we've seen down this stretch of asphalt since around this time last year. Although we spent way too much of the night racing down Woodward in a Dodge Ram 1500 Mega Cab, scaring the kiddies who weren't able to read the side of the truck and see that, yeah, it's got a HEMI, we did manage to capture some of the fun. Actually, there was so much classic car action on Woodward not only couldn't we keep up, but we've actually split last night's photos into a threesome of Detroit love. Here's the first of the series. Check back later today for the rest. As always, to follow our misadventures, keep hitting refresh on the Woodward Cruising mini-site, or for the geeks like us, drop the tag into your fave feed reader.

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