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The Bullrun guys have possed-up with Spike TV to launch a new reality show based on a rally from Vancouver to Los Angeles over 7 days in October (the filming will require roughly a 10-day commitment). Instead of ponying up around fifteen large to participate, putting the event out of the range of all but the wealthy and connected, Spike wants to include their demo — essentially, Joes Average from 21 to 40, although they'd love to have female teams included in the group of 13. They're looking for vehicles from hot rods to exotics, but the main deal is personality. So if you've got a hot car and the desire to rock it like Richie Blackmore and be a highway star, click the link below sooner than later, as they want to have the slots filled by early September. Be prepared to send a video. [Photo of Darkcyd Navigator hoon Jason Garber and AMG Doll Ashley Van Dyke by Haller.]

Bullrun Casting

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