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Famous for being the only car ever to attempt to kill the Stig on camera, the Koeniggsegg CCX will launch in the US in Las Vegas on Saturday, August 27th in Las Vegas. To be sold by Exotic Cars at Caesar's Palace (because Roman chintz and mirrored ceilings are the perfect compliment to a 260mph supercar), they're throwing a VIP party on August 27th followed by two days of track time at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The 4.7L, twin-turbo supercharged mill pumps out 806hp, and the whole car weighs in at a sprightly 2,200 ton lbs, allowing it to run a 9-second quarter mile at 146. It's sort of obscene that the thing is even road legal. What we wanna know is, who's gonna be the first to have an Enzo Moment in one?

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