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Since today is Friday, and folks are looking to hit the road on a gorgeous summer day, here's something for all of your vacationers. So no, that's not the formula for determination of FoMoCo's sales or how much money DaimlerChrysler's spent on the "Dr Z" ad campaign. Rather, it's a formula created by the folks at Leapfrog, the interactive kiddie porn education software/hardware company. Devised by one of the company's well travelled management consultants, who's raising two sets of twins, the formula combines key travel factors, personal experience and expertise to equate the following:

Y = the perfect road trip this summer
M = the total miles to be driven
C1 = the total number of children aged 0-3
C2= the total number of children aged 4-6
C3= the total number of children aged 7-11
B = the number of planned breaks, over and above the RAC recommended amount
A = the number of planned activities


While we normally would be more likely to strap the little annoyingly loud, fleshy things to the roof of our vehicular transport, mostly because we remember what little shits we were during summer trips in our dad's minivan. However, for those of you actually curious enough to find out what your score means, we've got the different journey values after the jump.

Should have stayed at home

20 - 30
Little Timmy kicks the shit out of Bobbie Sue, and "vacation" becomes synonymous with "hospital"

6 - 20
Are we there yet?

3 - 6
Just Cruising

0 - 3
Holiday ro-o-o-oad, Holiday ro-o-o-o-o-o-oad....

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