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Although we feel like much of yesterdays "Camaro reveal" was exactly like the reveal of the concept car at NAIAS (all the way down to the music) — only with the addition of a large dose of amphetamines to speed up the show — we didn't mind so much as it again gave us the opportunity to check out the hotness that are classic Camaros. Of course, it also forced us to check out the diametrically opposite-to-hot late-gen Camaros. Meh, no event's perfect, right? But with all these Camaro owners and Camaro enthusiasts around, some of them apparently even GM employees, it seems Chevy's got a chance at hitting Lutz's magical sales number to make the vehicle profitable. In the meantime, check out what we saw yesterday below.

Business In The Front, And The Camaro Is Back! [internal]