Loyal reader and first-time tipster Fangio caught these shots of the sorriest-looking test mule since the infamous "Slathered in Marshmallow Fluff" third-gen Ford Falcon prototype of 1965. The same one's been spotted all over the world in recent months (this time in California), and most spies say it's the next Toyota Corolla, riding on the company's flexible new 300N/MC platform. According to Fangio, it had Michigan manufacturer plates, lots of duct tape and fabric masking, test monitors, stuff written in Japanese taped to the glovebox, and Toyota manufacturer's mark on the side windows. Click through for more, and one Japanese magazine's vision of what the re-figured Corolla could look like. More parity between the Euro hatch and the US sedan? We'll see.


Spy Photos: We Get All Sub-Bukowski, Lehmann Gets New Corolla [internal]