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Pininfarina's released a press kit introducing the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti "K" the venerable design firm built for New York billionaire, real estate mogul, former owner of the New York Post, chairman of the MTA (NYC's transit authority) and all-around filthy-rich collector of priceless Ferraris, Peter Kalikow. The car, which has undergone a far-less radical-looking transformation than the Ferrari P4/5 Pininfarina built for fellow mogul James Glickenhaus, debuted earlier this year at Italy's Villa d'Este Concours d' Elegance. According to the company, Kalikow's work order was as follows: a new body with such subtle, hidden differences from the original as to be recognizable at first glance by only 10% of Ferrari connoisseurs. Spending an obscene amount of money on a completely rebodied Ferrari that looks 90% like the original one? That, my friends, is serious cash-money cojones.

Another Billionaire Gets His Bespoke Ferrari On: Peter Kalikow's Scaglietti [internal]