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There's not much more on what's secretly percolating in Volkswagen's Alsace bureau, but World Car Fans is throwing its tilted fedora into the ring anyhow. For a few months we've been hearing about Bugatti's upcoming Veyron-based sedan — you know, the one with a detuned, front-mounted 8.0-liter W16, producing 950-hp — which would capitalize on the company's success in the batshit-extreme coupe market. The spy syndicate of Hans Lehmann and associates offer a spec image of what such a coupe-like four-door would look like. We'll believe such a car when we see it, or, more likely, when we read a thousand column-inches of hyperbole about it from A-list British and American magazine editors. Lucky sods.

Bugatti Veyron-based Sedan? [World Car Fans]

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