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So you think you can stone us and spit in our eye? So you think you take our electric cars and leave us to die? This, seemingly, is the City of Pasadena's response to Nissan, or at least pro-electric-vehicle advocates are portraying it as such. When trucks sent by the automaker were sent to a city yard to pick up the two cars, they were blocked by an electric RAV4, which the city dismissed as "bad parking."

Meanwhile, "We have a process for everything, and there is a process for this," city spokeswoman Ann Erdman said. Wait, um, what's the process when a lease expires? Oh, right you return the vehicle to its owner. We're totally moving to the other end of the 110, renting a house and never paying rent or moving out, using the city's own EV behavior as a precedent. Pasadena rules. [Thanks to Cole for the tip.]

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