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Sure, in our bicoastal and midwestern locales, we can get fried octopus balls (no, they're just fashioned into balls, dopey), but we can only get a couple of Japanese car magazines. Thus, we look to the Japan-living ex pats at Nihon Car and Bike for updates on the J-buff-book scene. This time, they give us the latest on the upcoming Lexus IS 500, which has appeared in the mags — in unknown accuracy — for months. According to one, the specs are as follows: 5.0-liter V8 (2UR-FSE) producing 420bhp (at 5800rpm) and 405 lbs.-ft. of torque (at 3800rpm), and a curb weight of 3714 lbs. Audi RS4 performance at a more than 200-lb. weight benefit? Let's hope the US version's got what the J-spec's got. [Thanks to Zerin for the tip.]

Lexus IS500, why look any further? [Nihon Car and Bike]

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