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When we were just a wee Jalopnik, our neighbor had a '67 Chevelle with the loudest exhaust note we'd ever heard. What was this strange and wonderful contraption that made us go home and get a couple of (now-priceless) George Foster cards to jam into our bicycle spokes with a clothespin? It was the Cherry Bomb glass pack. Apparently, Cherry Bomb is back, and promoting its exersize in brand expansion with the (ahem) Cherry Bomb Charger. The modified sedan it's having built for this year's SEMA show will be tricked out with Mopar Performance parts, including cam, lifters, torque converter and engine and transmission controller. It'll also have headers — hooked to a Cherry Bomb exhaust, natch — coilover suspension, Kicker speakers, a body kit and custom paint. It's probably still not as valuable as one of those George Foster cards, but what the hell.

[via DriversDrive]

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