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We actually really kind of dig this. The Swedish government instituted a congestion tax in Stockholm in January as an experiment which ended in July. They then gave the citizens a few months to sit on the after-effects and will hold a vote in September to decide whether to re-institute the program. To us, that seems like democratic fairness at its most transparent, and seeing as during the trial period, the opposition to the tax fell below the 50% margin, we think it stands a decent chance of passing.

That said, if Greater Los Angeles were to lay on such a thing, everyone in the LA/Orange/Riverside/San Bernardino county would get dinged just for pulling out of their driveways. Then again, as a blogger who's seemingly put more miles on the rubber soles his Chuck Taylors than his tires lately, that wouldn't screw us too badly. And oh, think of the wonderful damage it would cause the 909'ers...

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