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Is this the new Camaro-cousin GTO? And if so, where in tarnation is the freakin' Firebird? Seriously, GM, you haven't done right by the Screaming Chicken since you added the Batmobile front-end to the 2nd-Gen model. The early 4th-Gen cars were a step in the right direction, and then you added roughly six hundred recycled G.I. Joe figurines in an attempt to make the car even more chintzy than the catalytic-converter hump in the passenger footwell exposed it to be. But a GTO Camaro twin? [UPDATE: Yeah, we knew it was some sort of photo illustration, but here's the source.]

Shelve that crap right now. Call it a Firebird. Give us a Trans Am. Dispense with the G6 and give us a damn Le Mans that could (and should) be run in the 24 Heures, finally giving GM a car that can run at its namesake locale. Hell, put Burt in the ads for all we care. And then sell a two-door Commodore as the up-from-Down-Under Goat. By disrespecting the A, you score an F.

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