The producers at G4's Filter were more liberal with their application of Davey G. this time around, popping him up to contradict and/or enforce the points of view of other people we've never heard of (well, we know who Em & Lo are, but only Emma seemed to be doing the talking, while Sharkey's the one we really wanna make out with), and of course, there's Danielle, the really hot stuntwoman that we would get set on fire in a '69 Dodge Charger with anytime.

Sadly, they didn't use Johnson's answer of "a fried-out Kombi" when asked about the ultimate autobahn cruising vehicle. And what was with that vaguely-SSK-looking thing they green-screened him into? He claims there was a CGI 2CV in his contract! But if there's one thing we've learned, never trust a Californian with "European" tendencies. We know Johnson totally spec'd that ride.

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