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Think you can turn Giorgio Armani's head with your doodlings? Then Fiat 500 wants you. No, really, the company's "Fiat 500 Wants You" competition is rounding up contributors of "ideas and designs for the new car and everything that surrounds its launch, sale and customer interaction." The categories are accessories — personalization features for the new 500 subcompact (think: wheels, spoilers, tailfins, cumberbund, technicolor wig, etc); lifestyle — designs that translate the FIAT 500's style into everyday life, such furniture, gadgets, clothing, paperweights, corporate inspirational posters, bookmarks, hand puppets and Hummel figurines; and "everywhere" — designs for places, streets, parking areas, shops, pubs and public spaces, etc. etc. There's a 5000-Euro prize in each category, and Fiat will pay 3000 Euros for a design that makes it into production. Think Idol, only without the public humiliation factor, and the singing.

[Fiat 500]

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