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We thought we could have a nice quiet Sunday away from the laptop. How wrong we were. According to the UK's Sunday Times FoMoCo may be ready to sell holdings in two of its British brands โ€” Land Rover and Jaguar โ€” in a bid to generate cash and sharpen its focus on its divisions that make money (Landie, we hardly knew ye). According to the Times, Ford would keep a minority share in the companies, which would preserve their strong techincal and supply ties to Ford. Questions abound. With Land Rover in the mix, might Renault-Nissan renew its rumored bid for Jaguar? Where does it leave GM? Will the West Midlands cider pubs see an uptick in sorrows-drowners soon? Only Big Bill Boss knows for sure. Argh!

Land Rover may go in Jaguar sell-off [Sunday Times (UK)]

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