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ā€¢ We know when we think Lambo ā€” we also think curry. At least now we do. [Business Standard]
ā€¢ If you're stealing cars in New Zealand ā€” watch out for the "Eagle" eye in the sky. [New Zealand Herald]
ā€¢ Now this is a rental-car reacharound. []
ā€¢ Dan Clarke, King of the Britons (Champ division) is now looking to best his own "personal boundaries." []
ā€¢ Holes in cars = sporty. [NYT]
ā€¢ Wagoner says he's not leaving ā€” and you can pry the CEO washroom key from his cold dead hands. [Freep]

ā€¢ Maybe it's because he knows Toyota's got nothing but "kisses and hugs" for GM. [Detroit News]