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ā€¢ The scariest picture of Carlos Ghosn we've ever seen. Chutzpah he's got ā€” Charisma, he ain't got. [NYT]
ā€¢ We now have a picture of the beer-swilling bandit bear. So to answer your question, no ā€” we didn't make this up. [MSNBC]
ā€¢ California = 2 days to return your car. Chrysler = 30 days to return your car. Chrysler's totally got this one beat. [CBS2]
ā€¢ Sugar Land has a new stealth cop car. And by "stealth" we mean it's a Dodge Charger police edition painted white. [herald-coaster]

ā€¢ Do not use the "Auto Cool" ā€” it doesn't work. [KETV7]
ā€¢ It's that time of the year again ā€” Monsoon tourism season in India! So what does that mean, kids? Car Rally time! []