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ā€¢ And we needed a big and fancy S&P report to figure this one out? It's obvs China's the place to be ā€” did you see those US market sales numbers yes-ter-day? []
ā€¢ Wanna vote on who wants to be a car designer? [EuroGamer]
ā€¢ Are they gonna do a story on every new "Smart" couple? [TCPalm]
ā€¢ If only we knew how to be so punny in headlines. [Inside Bay Area]

ā€¢ Honda wants to "Unh! Double up! Unh! Unh!" car production in India. [Globe and Mail]
ā€¢ Tis the season for more car-on-bike injuries ā€” even in Kalamazoo. Word to the wise ā€” be careful riding your bike in Kalamazoo! You know who you are ā€” Erin Chava Ruth. [Kalamazoo Gazette]