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Thanks to alert reader Karen, we know that the Detroit News has already snapped a pic of MC 900-Ft. Dieter; he's pasted across the side of Chrysler's Auburn Hills headquarters, visible from I-75. The new, oversized Herr Doktor Dieter "Overpowered by F nke" Zetsche is on display to mark the launch of the DCX honcho as Chrysler's new corporate spokesgerman. We already know that Sweet Peet doesn't like the campaign, and while we think it's kind of cute, it doesn't bespeak of glorious Dieterosity. What's more, we also think it makes Chrysler Group head Tom LaSorda look insignificant. Since we've had so many posts about Chrysler today, we're just gonna go ahead and declare Maximum Mopar Day on tha Jalop.

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