What's The Cleverest Interior Feature?

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Carmakers are always raving about how smart their latest models are, usually thanks to fancy digital assistants, semi-autonomous features and the like. And while that kind of intelligence can certainly be useful, with today’s QOTD we’re celebrating the opposite end of the spectrum: dead-simple, low-tech solutions to common car interior complaints, sometimes called “surprise and delight” features by automakers. What’s the cleverest interior feature you’ve ever come across?


Now, of course you could scour the web, looking for perhaps an obscure BMW or Honda with a genius practical feature that people don’t talk enough about. But you’ll get metaphorical bonus points if you’ve actually used the item in question, and can speak first hand to its magnificence.

Given my limited car ownership history, the best I can offer here is a somewhat nifty storage idea in a 2014 Dodge Dart I had. An unremarkable car in most ways, at least FCA’s short-lived compact had a secret cubby underneath the passenger seat cushion where you could store a book or maybe a small tablet. The Dart wasn’t the only car with under-seat storage of course, but it was the only one I’ve owned to have it, and I wouldn’t mind seeing it in more models.

Or you might admire that little clear-plastic clip at the windshield edge of older Volvos, a handy device to hold a parking pass. Maybe you’re wishing that all cars had a flashlight in the glovebox that was always charged and ready to go because the factory (BMW) provided a power plug right there. What’s a brilliant, simple interior feature you really appreciate?

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On my 08 and 12 ISF(and I’m sure the v6 models too) when you go to clean the windshield with the spray, it will wipe it a few times, and then wait 3-4 seconds and wipe once more. Helpful when driving as there’s usually a few drops that will start to climb up or be left over from the swiping wiper.

PFA because cherry blossom season