What Car Are You Embarrassed To Admit You Love?

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Photo: Chevrolet

Some cars are so deeply unpopular that they are mocked online and in everyday life. Yet there are people who love those cars anyway. Is there a car you are embarrassed to admit you love?


I’ll fess up: I love the Chevrolet Monte Carlo, embarrassing as that is to confess. No, not the old-school one, but but the final, sixth-generation car.

Yes, this Monte Carlo powered the wrong wheels. And yes, the facelifted version looked weird. But it’s still fun. This is a car that had an optional 303-HP LS4 V8. That sounds like an absolute nightmare, but it can be a giggle sending that much power through the front wheels. It’s a car that’s fun if you don’t take it too seriously.

I’m also somewhat embarrassed to admit that I love the Mazda MX-5 Miata with an automatic transmission. Don’t dismiss the automatic-equipped Miata; that transmission isn’t bad at all.

The manual-shift version of the Miata gets all of the attention, but the automatic deserves some love, too. I drove an automatic Miata a couple of years ago and was amazed at how competent the transmission was. The car was nearly as much fun as the manual version but had the added benefit of no fiddling with a clutch in heavy traffic. Sure, I missed the ultimate control of rowing my own gears, but the auto was still fun.

What car are you embarrassed to say that you like? Do you secretly dig the Chrysler PT Cruiser? Do you love the Toyota Prius?

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None. I will not be embarrassed to admit my love of any car. You should be embarrassed to be a hater if you give me crap about liking a machine that uses the power of fire to move my fat ass from point A to point B that many someones spent many hours and boatloads of money to design and build.