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His Royal D-ness wasn't too happy at the rebuttal Jason Vines posted on Chrysler's Firehouse media-only blog, which we reposted here. Referring to Vines as "Dieter Zetsche's snarky little bag-man," (to be fair, Vines did call him a "Dieter eater" first) he goes on to exhort,

"The rest of the establishment media might be willing to give you guys a free pass because of Dieter's personal charm, but I'm not. And if you think I've been unduly caustic towards your efforts - you haven't seen anything yet. You guys are stinking up the joint, and I will go out of my way to point that fact out every chance I get."

In the following item, he takes down Chrysler's new "Ask Dr. Z" ad campaign, sassing back, "And good luck trying to impart a German "halo" on the Chrysler brand, because it's just" We couldn't not have a "" reference, could we? Now hug it out, bitches.

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