Two Fire Engines Crash Into Same Gas Station In Two Years And Local News Narrates It Like A Soccer Game

Gif: WDIV 4 / YouTube

A Lincoln Navigator crashed into a fire engine on Detroit’s east side on Wednesday, causing the engine to plow into a gas station in spectacular fashion. That’s crazy enough, until you learn that this is the second time that a fire engine has crashed into this particular gas station in the last two years. Even better is how the local news covered it.


Let me get this out of the way and say that everyone is OK. Occupants inside of the vehicles involved were taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries.

This eerily familiar crash for this gas station was covered by WDIV 4 in Detroit and the video narration of the crash is pure gold. I encourage you to watch this thing in full. I’ll let Tim Pamplin take the mic:

Incredible sight here on the East Side. The fire truck goes barreling into the gas station. [...] You see the fire truck heading right towards us on the top right. The Lincoln, BOOM, they collide. The Lincoln hits a utility pole and the fire truck just demolishes that work van, setting the gas pump ablaze and careening into the gas station. The workers hop out that truck, thinking there’s going to be an explosion!

I have no idea what Pamplin is doing in Detroit and not presenting a soccer game, but we love him and hope he never leaves. His report of this Bentley Flying Spur theft is what first alerted us to Pamplin’s unique reporting and I can say with 100 percent confidence we stan Pamplin. The man could make a boring work commute sound epic.

Witness painted quite the cinematic picture for WDIV:

“You see people running ... I saw the fire truck run up on the curb, I saw it hit the gas station. People just started running like it was going to be an explosion,” said witness James Dorsey.

This gas station was the site of another fire engine crash that happened almost exactly the same way. In 2019, a different fire engine was hit by a car that failed to yield and lost control, crashing into the same gas station and taking down power lines.

An investigation is underway and the Detroit Fire Department says that it’s forwarding a report for review by traffic and engineering. Hopefully, the department will find out how to stop these incidents from occurring. As for Tim Pamplin, never stop classing up Detroit news!

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PyroHoltz @

That commentary was fantastic, BOOM!

Also, I’d hate to be the driver of the Navigator, his insurance is quickly going to be maxed with what is likely a $2M accident after repairs (losses) are estimated for the truck, the pump at the station, his vehicle and whatever other vehicles were damaged.