Laax Snowpark Is The Perfect Playground For An Electric MX Rider

Gif: Red Bull

Even following the death of the company, Alta electric motorcycles continue to be the weapon of choice for e-freestyle riders all over the world. Not only do these bikes whip all kinds of ass, but they are quiet, powerful, and reliable to boot. Recently five-time X Games medalist Mat Rebeaud took his bike to Laax Snowpark in Switzerland for a wild sub-zero ride. The resulting video is incredible to watch, as the intricacies of every trick are on full display against a stark white backdrop of fresh pow.

The Alta Redshift is an amazing off-road ride, to be sure, and it seems that in the hands of someone like Mat Rebeaud it can be a transcendent tool. While much of the above video is setup for the ride, with history and the making of the jumps and whatnot, when it finally does get down to the action, the Alta rips just as hard, if not harder, than any gasoline-powered mx bike ever has. This whole thing looks like a riot and a half.


I grew up snowboarding in Michigan, and we’d always do dumb shit like this in our off time. Towing-in to jumps with snowmobiles, jumping bikes of roofs onto homemade landing ramps, and ripping through fields on two wheels and four toward massive dirt berm jumps, we tried it all. If the local snowcat operator had allowed me to bomb around on ski jumps with an old dirtbike, I would have absolutely jumped at the chance, pun intended.

Apparently all it takes to live out my teenage motocross fantasies would have been winning five X-games gold medals and earning Red Bull sponsorship. Damn, maybe next time.

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“I’m always looking for the clutch... we built a fake lever here.”