What Car Has The Best Grille Right Now?

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Photo: Lexus

Grilles. As enthusiasts, it feels like we’re always bashing them for being obnoxiously large and marring otherwise handsome faces. And while the collective disdain for the new BMW M4’s nostrils seemingly unites the car-loving community in a weirdly wholesome way, I thought it’d be a nice exercise to recognize cars and automakers that have made good-looking grilles in recent years. We always point out who’s doing them wrong — today, let’s ask ourselves who’s doing grilles right.


My vote for best grille on the road right now happens to go to a car that has also won my award for “most beautiful car I regularly forget exists” for the last four years running: The Lexus LC. Actually, I’ll level with you — when I shared this opinion in Slack, I called the car you see above the RC. Then my colleague Lawrence corrected me, and informed me I’d uploaded a photo of the LC. See? I don’t even remember what this car’s even called. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one on the road, only in Gran Turismo Sport. I just know I really dig that grille.

Why? Well, the weird Lexus bowtie spindle thing can certainly err on the side of garishness, but the implementation on the LC is tasteful in my opinion. It’s wider and lower than on other models, and the chrome finish and border looks absolutely pristine, like meticulously-crafted jewelry. Or a really, really nice electric shaver. One that’s far too nice to actually use. I also love the way the crosshatching bunches up in the center around the Lexus logo and elongates closer to the floor of the car, where it bows in.

That’s my stab at grille positivity for the day. What’s your favorite grille out there right now?

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KingT- 60% of the time, it works every time

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