What Road Do You Dream About Driving?

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There are a lot of real good roads in this world. There are a lot of truly awful roads, but there are also a hell of a lot of fun ones. And I want to know what’s on the top of your bucket list.


For years, mine has been the Ring Road in Iceland, not necessarily because it’s challenging but because I wanted to see as much of Iceland as was humanly possible. I kinda-sorta got a chance to do it in 2019, but I did skip out on a good portion of the northeastern part of the country because there just wasn’t enough time.

It was a challenging drive in that I was parading around in a Mazda 2 on roads that are better suited to something a little more formidable, along with the fact that there are no shoulders on the side of some of these gravel-ass roads, so there’s nothing but your own skill separating you from a hundred-foot drop. But, hey. It was all part of the experience.

Because I’m a basic bitch, I’d also really love to drive the entirety of the Pacific Coast Highway. My family did when I was A Youth, but at that point in my life, I did not appreciate hours of a complex drive, especially when I was the one who had to keep an eye on my carsick stepsister. I’d love to go back, take it slow, and really just appreciate it.

And now this one is incredibly niche, but: back in the day, a handful of friends and I planned a road trip that would hit every single road in France named after François Cevert. A racing nerd’s mission, but a trip I’d still like to take.

Tell me what’s on your bucket list. Gimme more roads I need to drive.

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I’ve driven a ton of roads on my list, here are some that I’ve done that I’ve seriously enjoyed and some I have on my to-do list. I live in a relatively flat part the country besides the Mississippi valley about an hour away which I’ve done a zillion times, so anything twisty and hilly is extra special to me.

Zion east entrance, coming through the tunnel and just getting smacked in the face with the size and beauty is literally breathtaking. I was not prepared for that. I can’t describe it besides...Wow.

Highway 16 from Buffalo WY, to Worland WY, on the way to Yellowstone.

Tail of the dragon, do it on a bike, car, or truck. It doesn’t matter it’s just fun. If you get carsick, make sure you are the driver.

Overseas highway to Key west, it might be cliche, but it is really cool driving over all those bridges and seeing the water get more and more turquoise as you go.

The snake outside of LA, it’s closed as of now, but it’s really twisty and hilly and a hot spot for seeing wild rides.

Monument Valley, just wow.

89 & 89A in either direction from Flagstaff AZ

PCH- do it at least once in your life. I’ve done it all the way once, and a few chunks here and there a few other times.

Rides I want to take:

Needles in SD, I’ve been on it twice as a kid, but got really carsick both times as a passenger, I’ll take my motorcycle on this one.

Million dollar highway

Skyline drive - Canyon city

Beartooth Pass

Moki dugway

Going to the sun road

Highway 128 from Moab to I-70

Upper Delaware scenic byway

Blue Ridge scenic parkway

I have a specific folder in my google maps of just “roads” so if I ever find myself close to one, I’ll know to take it. I figure after a few hours on this article, that list is going to expand exponentially.