What's The Highest Mileage Car You've Ever Owned?

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Photo: Mercedes Streeter

We aren’t gentle to our cars around here, so when we spot a machine that has managed hundreds of thousands of miles, we know that’s one special car. We love a good survivor story. It can take devotion, love and just a little detachment from reality to get above 200,000 miles on the ol’ odometer. What was (or is) your high-milage hero?


Above is Mercedes Streeters’ 2012 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Sportwagen which has somehow made it all the way to 355,000 miles and is still plugging away. It took true grit and determination to get it there (and for a TDI obsessed person to actually buy it with over 300,000 miles.) This car is a survivor through and through.

Maybe you’ve replaced part after part to keep a car on the road. Maybe you just purchased some freak of nature that keeps going no matter what. We want to hear your stories below. Would you buy a high mileage car? How much did you sacrifice to keep a long-lived vehicle on the road?

Managing Editor of Jalopnik.


495,000 on my 2000 Econoline dually van (E450 running gear all around) with the V10. Bought it from Enterprise with 105,000 miles. It was a plain white van when I bought it, got dualliefied a year after I bought it (after chewing through too many rear tires). Then got it’s extreme makeover around 250k when I realized I’d probably have a it a while, and a minor incident where I smacked a guardrail then got broadsided my own trailer.

I did have a factory motor put in at 450k, after partially burning up a valve seat, and the motor replacement was only a little more than having the heads reconditioned because of the labor savings. Transmission still hasn’t been touched other than doing the fluid every 100k or so. It’s got the full Banks PowerBack and running a 5-Star tune, so it’s got no trouble keeping up with cars in the mountains when I’m running at 22,000+ pounds.

Currently, it’s only issues are a worn out driver seat (replacement take outs are surprisingly hard to find now), and burned-up solenoid pack on the winch.