SNL Sketch Illustrates Why Gifting A New Car For Christmas Is Probably A Bad Idea

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It’s that time of year again, when car companies dig deep into their well of holiday advertising campaigns and recycle the very tired and unoriginal concept of surprising a loved one by financing a major purchase as a holiday gift. Saturday Night Live recently showed how this might go wrong.


Honestly, I’m surprised it took this long for SNL to skewer this advertising bit. Lexus has been running this campaign for what seems like forever, and other parodies have been around since at least 2012. However, given that 2020 has been a pretty consistent dumpster fire from the start, perhaps now is a good time to say...maybe this isn’t a December I want to remember.

Obviously, the bit goes over the top with the ridiculousness, but it hammers home the correct point. Regardless of the “savings,” unless you live that millionaire celebrity life, you probably should not be “surprising” your family or loved one with a major financial purchase. Of course, I warned about this a while back and I would imagine for the average person this gift would come across as “Oh great, you gifted me the thing we planned on buying anyway.”

If you insist on shopping for a car this holiday season, make sure you read all the fine print and get a good “apper.”

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It is like they took what I had been thinking/saying/shouting and made it into a sketch. I don’t know of anyone that makes a major purchase without talking it over with their significant other especially something that they are going to be interfacing with almost daily. What if they don’t like the color or it doesn’t have the options they want? GMC ran one several years ago where a guy bought TWO vehicles and the wife wanted the truck and he was left with the SUV. Give me a break.....