Which Automotive Brands Have Earned Your Loyalty?

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I don’t know if you guys have heard, but our dear David Tracy like, really digs old Jeeps. He owns a fleet of the things that is constantly in flux. Yes, David is a bona fide rusty Jeep man, but there are plenty of brands out there that are tried and true, so what are they for you?

Here in Detroit, your whole family can sometimes be dedicated to a brand, or even a model. (My sister-in-law’s brothers all drive Buick Lucernes for reasons that have never been properly articulated to me.) My family is an FCA family because we have folks who still work for the automaker. Those famous Friends & Family discounts are a pretty decent way for Big Three automakers to build that loyalty at home.

That kind of devotion to a specific brand is rarer now, especially because nearly all the big automotive brands seem to have gone through some major scandals in recent decades. But some people are still devoted to that brand through thick and thin. Mercedes Streeter lists International as one of her go-tos (which...OK) and, of course, her beloved Smart vehicles.


Maybe it’s a brand of brake pads, or an overlanding accessories brand or maybe it’s a whole damn automotive dynasty. Tells us what and why down below.

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Data Chandler

Saab. Explaining why would take too long, and I’m in the greys on Jalopnik, so no one will see this anyway. But yeah, poor, amazing, wonderful Saab.