QOTD: Are You Heading Home For The Holidays?

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Illustration: Jason Torchinsky

There’s a bit in the most recent Aziz Ansari standup special that I think about a lot. In it, he does the math on how many times he’ll likely see his parents before they die. His assumption is that he’ll average a couple of visits a year, then says if that holds for the rest of their lives, it’s just a matter of multiplying the number of visits by the number of years they have left. I think he ends up at 60 remaining visits.

Our government’s decision to mismanage the COVID-19 crisis has made travel much riskier than usual and despite it feeling like it’s dropped out of the news, it’s possible that we could be looking at 2,900 deaths a day by December.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t make me feel great about packing the family up for a visit to my little hometown to stay with my aging parents during a busy holiday weekend. What about you, are you going home for the holidays or are you staying put?

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There is no end to the tough decisions in 2020.

My 65 year old parents are several states away and haven’t seen us or their only grandkids since December. They fully understand if we want to stay away.

My 70 year old in-laws are an hour away and generally DGAF about COVID.

If we see neither family for any holiday, it will be very depressing.

If we see one but not the other, we could permanently piss off one side of the family.

If we see both, we maximize our risk of spreading or contracting the virus.

The decision is made harder knowing that we are entering flu season and COVID cases are already reaching record highs, and climbing.