What Are The Quirks Of Your Local Car Culture?

A Model T build with a Dodge Shadow in the background—Troy, Michigan
A Model T build with a Dodge Shadow in the background—Troy, Michigan
Photo: David Tracy

What you see above could only be described as Pure Michigan. It’s a scene from a car meet and Woodward cruise our own David Tracy spontaneously decided on Friday to throw the next day in suburban Detroit. We were talking about the peculiarity of the Michigan car scene in Jalop Slack, and it made me wonder: What is enthusiast car culture like in different parts of the country?


What you see is a custom build of a Model T with its owner in full period-correct kit. That alone would be badass, but the cherry Dodge Phantom in the background is also worth mentioning. It’s a Dodge passed down through a long family line while still managing to be kept in, as David reports, near-pristine condition. That’s love, folks.

A last-minute car meet brings out some of the wildest and most devoted enthusiasts. They were already planning on spending their weekend with their cars anyway. Showing them off to other nerds? Even better! Michigan has always had a weird fleet on the road, and our enthusiasts are even weirder. To make sure a car lives through salt-encrusted Michigan winters shows next-level devotion.

So what do you see at your car meet-ups? Maybe you live in a desert state, and so meetups are filled with sun-cracked classics spared the salty death of their northern brethren, or you’re in Vermont and it’s just a sea of old Subarus. We all miss traveling and talking about cars with folks in different towns, so let us know down below.

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“Quirk” is a nice way to put it, but below coupled with an exhaust note that sounds like a wet fart.