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Remain Calm: Site Updates

Gif: Jason Torchinsky

Hey, they updated the site, everybody relax. It looks different. It’ll be fine.

This process has been underway for a long time — you may have noticed some of our sister sites have been given a similar treatment over the last few months. Everybody will get it eventually.


The staff here was introduced to the new system yesterday and it’s pretty cool. The big advantage for us is that we have more control over how and where stories appear on the site, stories don’t just get pushed off the homepage as new ones appear. All the little content blocks you see on the site are modular and easily rearrangeable so we’ll be rearranging them over the next couple weeks until we wind up with something we’re happy with.

The one thing we can’t rearrange is the block below here that says “Latest.” That’s where you look if you want to scroll stories in reverse-chronological order, the way you used to do. If that’s the way you prefer to see the site, you can either click the little button that says “Latest” or you can bookmark the and use that and it’ll be like nothing ever changed.


If you do see bugs, things not working, etc, kindly report them via the normal process by sending an email to or use the bug report feature on the site.

Thanks for reading Jalopnik, we love each and every one of our beautiful readers.

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you may have noticed some of our sister sites have been given a similar treatment over the last few months

I have almost completely stopped visiting Gizmodo because of this update. With all of the ads, autoplay videos and different categories, it is just not pleasant to visit anymore. I’m probably the outlier, but I like scrolling through the articles in order of publication, not looking for updates across 6 different sub sections.

I guess I will just bookmark