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Kia And Hyundai Recall Over 600,000 Vehicles Because Fire

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Hyundai and Kia are calling 643,575 vehicles in the U.S. and Canada because leaking brake fluid could cause a fire. Lots of Optimas, Santa Fes, and Sorentos are about to head to the shop.


As always, go to NHTSA’s website, hand over your VIN, and check to see if your Kia or Hyundai has been recalled (for this or anything else) lately. Per Automotive News, here are the model years:

The recalled U.S. vehicles are 283,803 Kia Optima sedans from the 2013-15 model years, 156,567 Kia Sorento crossovers from 2014-15 and 151,205 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport crossovers from 2013-15.

The recall also includes 52,000 2013-15 Santa Fe Sport crossovers in Canada, a spokesman from Hyundai told Automotive News.


NHTSA describes the issue thusly:

Due to suspected supplier quality deviation issue, brake fluid may leak internally inside the Hydraulic Electronic Control Unit (HECU) which overtime, can result in an electrical short. An electrical short in the HECU increases therisk of an engine compartment fire while driving.

And here’s what NHTSA said might tip you off to the problem:

Illumination of the MIL and/or ABS warning light, burning/melting smell, smoke from engine compartment


No injuries or crashes related to the defect have been reported. Though I would suggest that if there is a burning or melting smell in your car and there is smoke in the engine compartment or the MIL or ABS light is on you should probably get your car checked out anyway.

It had been a while so this was a good reminder for me to check for any recalls on my Honda Fit. NHTSA is telling me I have zero unrepaired, though there were seven recalls on that year’s Fit, only three of them having to do with airbags that might explode and kill you. I’m glad we’ve perfected the art of car manufacturing.

News Editor at Jalopnik. 2008 Honda Fit Sport.

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Arch Duke Maxyenko, Shit Talk Extraordinaire

Back in the day, this would have been a FIERY DEATH recall article here on Jalopnik. Oh the times they are a changin’.