What Would Your Ideal Motorsport Coverage Look Like?

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Photo: Stacy Revere (Getty Images)

If you’re anything like me, you have frequently grumbled about the absolute state of motorsport coverage lately. Sometimes it’s just boring. Sometimes it just feels too out of date. Sometimes I’m sitting here asking myself, “how is that news?” So, while I have some neat ideas on how we’re going to revamp the way we cover racing at Jalopnik, I want to put the idea out to the readers: what do you want to see?


Do you want more interviews? More hot takes? Less hot takes? The occasional foray into the wildest moments of the past? Are you as frustrated about the lack of fan experience in racing coverage as I am? What series have we been neglecting? Where should we go? What do you, the readers, want to read?

One of my biggest complaints about racing coverage is that it can just seem so disconnected from the actual fans who are watching. Even the series themselves seem to make drastic changes based on literally no fan input at all (like, did anyone ask for the dumb tire graphics on the F1 broadcasts, because they do not provide any accurate or interesting information). I’m still young, I am still Hip With the Kids and like to think I know what will interest people, but I also can’t speak for everyone.

Now's your time to share. Dream big! Go wild! I'm here to make all those outrageous ideas come true.

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The how to watch the races roundup would be really great to have like twice a week. Like post next weekends on Sunday and then repost it Friday or Saturday? I’ll often wake up, and then when I finally pull up Jalopnik later, I find that I already missed stuff.

I like watching and reading about the racing, but just kind of casually follow it. Also calling out some that are available for free (like on youtube) would be really nice.

Also Marbula One coverage :)