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Let's Do A Car-toon Caption Contest, Why Not

Illustration for article titled Lets Do A Car-toon Caption Contest, Why Not
Illustration: Jason Torchinsky

I think we tried this a long time ago, but what the hell, let’s do it again. I like to doodle, and this will give me a nice outlet for that. It’s one of those caption contests like those smug New Yorker bastards like to do, but ours will be full of cars! They’ll be not just car-toons, but carmics. That you can caption. Or, perhaps, craption. Yes, we’ll have our own Carmic Craption Carntest! Rolls off the tongue.


So, to start, see if you can come up with something funny for that lady, that car, those tentacles, and that proffered sandwich. I don’t think we’ll have a prize for these (at least not yet) but we’ll just all have fun reading what everyone comes up within the comments.

Also, that car feels British to me.

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