Today's SnowRunner Stream Will Take A Lot Of Headlights And Horsepower

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Last week I was playing hooky in Michigan guest-hosting Hagerty’s news show. But now I’m back in Los Angeles, plugged into my Xbox, and you know what that means: Let’s go on another SnowRunner livestream adventure on Twitch!


Welcome to the June 30th episode of Talkin’ Trucks And Gettin’ Stuck, Jalopnik’s unofficial weekly Twitch stream where I fire up SnowRunner and screw around in the video game’s world while talking about trucks and, well, getting stuck.

Every(ish) Tuesday, you can tune in to my Twitch stream at 4 p.m. pacific time and tag along on a couple of logistical missions that require careful off-road driving, cargo management, fleet operations, it’s a whole thing.


SnowRunner is a reasonably realistic off-road sim as far as Xbox games go, which is why it’s a good platform for me to mouth off about wheeling while showing you why certain trucks succeed and fail at certain tasks.

The best part about watching it in realtime is that you can drop comments into the chat, and I’ll read them and try to respond as articulately as possible when I get the chance.

On today’s episode, I’m hoping to keep it fairly simple with one heavy cargo mission and one off-road exploration mission. For a little extra fun, we’ll go deep off-road exploring at night in a truck with a lot of headlights. But... things might get wacky. They often seem to.

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I absolutely love this game. I’ve already played 80 hours and that number will keep climbing