Jerry Seinfeld Decides To Walk On 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee'

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Somehow we missed the call for Jerry Seinfeld’s most recent press junket promoting his Netflix special 23 Hours To Kill. It was two weeks ago, and I think I was busy that day. Or maybe they never asked us to listen in. Either way, reports Deadline, erstwhile funnyman Seinfeld indicated through the course of this call that not only was this possibly his last stand up special, but Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee has run its course after 11 seasons and 84 episodes, too.

Said Seinfeld on the conference call, “We haven’t planned anything with that show. I feel like I did that tour… I know they look very casual and easy but they’re actually a lot of work to make, the editing is very intense and I don’t know, I feel like I may have done that exploration at this point.”

I like comedy, and I like cars, so this show should have been the pinnacle of entertainment for a fellow like myself. It was fun, especially when it was new, but after almost nine years it’s okay for leaving on in the background. The conversation between host and guest was usually decent, occasionally quite good, but it was the cars that were truly transcendent. The episode with an absolutely nutty Jim Carrey in a 1976 Lamborghini Countach stands out in my head as one of the best. And the most recent season with Eddie Murphy in a Porsche Carrera GT (above) was a true highlight.

It seems there are only so many comedians out there, only so many cars, and only so many places to go for a cup of coffee. Having fulfilled his contract with Netflix for two stand up specials, as well as continuing CICGC on the streaming network, it seems Seinfeld is happy to step out of show business for the time being. Apparently he is perfectly happy to continue performing live, in a post pandemic world, naturally.


Nothing lasts forever. Hell, even Seinfeld’s popular namesake sitcom only lasted 9 seasons. Will you miss Comedians In Cars now that you know it’s gone?

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The conversation between host and guest was usually decent, occasionally quite good, but it was the cars that were truly transcendent.

I think my major disappointment in the show was that “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” spent disproportionately more time on the comedian and coffee than the car. It eventually just devolved into Jerry hanging out and reminiscing with his friends about things we, as the audience, have little to no knowledge or buy-in of.

It was like accompanying your spouse to catch with with a high school lover over dinner. Sure, you’ll find moments to engage, but it’s mostly two people talking about situations you were never in and can’t relate to.