Frontier Airlines Generously Will Care About You Not Catching Coronavirus For Only $89

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While most airlines are implementing procedures to attempt to maintain some sort of social distancing on flights, most commonly by blocking middle seat passengers and requiring passengers to wear masks, Frontier Airlines is the only carrier that seems to really understand how valuable not catching the potentially deadly Covid-19 virus is: about $90, which is how much you have to pay Frontier to make sure you’re not sitting inches away from another potential carrier of the virus. Gee, thanks!

Frontier is calling this a “More Room” seat, since I suppose “Less Likely To Die Seat” didn’t focus group as well.

Here’s what their press release about this selfless, caring offer has to say about it:

Flights departing May 8 through August 31, 2020 will have 18 More Room seats available for passengers to select, including Stretch seats in the first three rows of the aircraft, which also provide extra legroom and recline as compared to standard seats. Frontier will announce at a later date whether the More Room program will be extended beyond August 31.

As part of a variety of healthy flying initiatives at Frontier, beginning May 8, 2020, the airline will require that all passengers wear a face covering over their nose and mouth at the airline’s ticket counters, gate areas and onboard Frontier aircraft. Face coverings have been required for Frontier flight crews since April 13.


More Room seats could be as low as $39, with the cost depending on the route.

I mean, I really shouldn’t be surprised—Frontier is a low-fare airline with a history of charging for any extras. Besides, I bet if you slip your flight attendant an extra $20 or so, they’ll try and keep any plague rats from shitting in your mouth while you sleep, too.

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Just Jeepin'

I can only imagine how pleased flight attendants are at having to enforce a mask policy, and how effective they’ll be at it. Look at the security guard shot and killed this week.