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Ford Squeezes Even More Horsepower Out Of The Mustang GT

Illustration for article titled Ford Squeezes Even More Horsepower Out Of The Mustang GT
Photo: Ford

Ford really likes Mustangs, to the point where it slaps the name on vehicles filled with shrimp which clearly aren’t Mustangs. No doubt the Mustang GT deserves the name, though, and it just got even more so with a new company-certified performance kit that will eke out an extra 19 horsepower and 18 lb-ft of torque.


If you get the charmingly-named “M-9603-M8B” performance package installed in your ‘Stang by a certified Ford dealer or ASE/Red Seal certified technician, the package comes with a 3-year or 32,000-mile warranty, as Road & Track reports. Normally, the Mustang GT’s 5.0-liter V8 puts out 460 horsepower and 420 lb-ft, but this package pushes the GT’s stats to 479 horsepower and 438 lb-ft. And it’s legal to slap on to you Mustang in all 50 states, even for Mustang owners attending Cars and Coffee meetups. But that’s not all:

The calibration, which is installed using the car’s OBD II port, also includes better throttle mapping and an optimized shift schedule for automatic transmission-equipped cars.


The kit works with both automatic and manual 2018-2020 Mustang GTs by hooking up a Ford Performance cold air intake and the Bullitt’s upgraded throttle body to enhance the throttle response on a regular, old Mustang GT. The package costs $1,275 and does add nearly 20 pounds to your curb weight, but with the extra power to pull its own weight, at least.

This new kit bumps the Mustang GT’s performance to practically the Bullitt’s 480 HP, but for a lot less than the limited-built Bullitt’s price tag.

Managing Editor of Jalopnik.

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Left Lane is for Passing

So your telling me that if I had $40k to spend, its great to buy this Mustang that seats 2 humans and 2 mini humans and gets 15c/25h mpg but its TERRIBLE that I buy a F150 that is $40k, seats 5 to 6 adult humans, and gets 21c/28h mpg?

You see, Jalopnik can hate on trucks all they want but you have to understand sports cars are significantly less practical and efficient than a truck. Why not hate on sports cars IF its about purchasing a vehicle that exceeds your needs? From all the Cars & Coffee videos, looks like the mustang already has way to much power and last I checked public roads dont require nearly 500hp.