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Watching A Modern Ferrari Race Shot With 50-Year-Old Cameras Would Make Enzo Emotional

Gif: YouTube

You could look at videos of new Ferraris racing right now and become upset that you could be racing Ferraris but instead are in your underwear in bed or at your job. Or you could look at videos of new Ferraris racing, but shot with 50-year old cameras and film, and wash out all of that FOMO with nostalgia.


YouTuber Nick Shirrell is back with another vintage racing video, except the cars are new and the race is the Ferrari Challenge at Mugello Circuit. The vintage look isn’t some filter or computer effect—these clips were actually shot on old film cameras, specifically a 1966 Canon 814, a 1968 Canon 1218, and a 1971 Beaulieu 4008 ZM2, according to the video’s description:

You see my point about replacing FOMO with nostalgia? It’s very effective. Shooting modern stuff on old cameras transports these cars from being simply modern vehicles that may be fairly easy to find or watch today, to something that feels important, timeless and somehow personal.


It’s the difference between watching a movie on your phone versus watching it in a theater, or playing Minecraft versus going for a hike, or seasoning your food versus whatever they do in England.

You can watch more of Nick’s tantalizing stuff on his YouTube channel, or here and here where we’re written about it before.

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik

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Yes I drive a 240... Sort of

Pretty cool but what really sells it is the vintage intro and voiceover.