The New Porsche 911 Turbo Will Again Have A Massive Wing

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Photo: Porsche

We’ll see this the 992 911 Turbo for real tomorrow, as the Not Geneva Motor Show continues apace, but for now we have this to go on. The car sure does look like a new 911 Turbo.


The most remarkable feature to my eye is that huge wing, which my editor has informed me is a common feature of 911 Turbos. We drove the Carrera S version of this car last year, and determined it to be good, and so I’m expecting the Turbo will also be good, if still largely unnecessary.

We’ll probably know some time this summer or fall, after Porsche begins production. That’s a ways away. Consider, in the meantime, the Chevy Corvette Stingray, which is also mid-engined, makes only 80 horsepower less than the current 911 Turbo, and starts at about a third of the price ($55,900).

And they say America isn’t still great.

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I just want to imagine the designers at Porsche tasked with designing the next 911 Turbo looking at Namio Harukawa illustrations and thinking “YES. More of that”