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Los Angelenos: Keep An Eye Open For Spike Feresten's Stolen Porsche 911

Illustration for article titled Los Angelenos: Keep An Eye Open For Spike Ferestens Stolen Porsche 911

Hey people who live in my former home, Los Angeles! As someone who’s had a car stolen in LA and then recovered thanks to the Glorious Jalopnik Readership, I feel like I need to repay my karmic debt when I can, and help alert people to stolen cars. This time it’s a lovely 1987 Porsche 911 owned by our pal Spike Feresten, whom you may know from his televisor-show Car Matchmaker and his wonderful podcast. So keep an eye open!


Here’s his Insta post with some details:


I suspect an air-cooled 911 is way too valuable to cut up for parts, so I think there’s a decent chance the car is still intact and around, somewhere. The double Zs in the license plate make a good easy visual mnemonic, so if you see any silver 911, maybe just peek to see if there’s a ZZ on that plate. Oh, and a 99!

I know you can’t really get hopes up about this sort of thing, but, well, it’s my rear-engine air-cooled car! Maybe we’ll get lucky?

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I suspect an air-cooled 911 is way too valuable to cut up for parts...

Why would you think that? Air-cooled Porsche parts are worth a lot, and a 911 sans title is probably a tough sell. $20k they could get in parts is worth more than the $40k they can’t get with it whole. I hope it is found, and I hope when it is, it is in one piece, but I can’t think of a reason to believe it will be.